About Us

Premiere Energy Auctions (PEA) is an Energy Consulting firm that is at the forefront of saving businesses millions of dollars every year on their energy costs. This includes reducing the cost of electricity as well as natural gas

Founders Dustin Scarpa and Paul Shagawat come with years of experience directly from working with some of the world’s largest energy suppliers. With the growth of deregulated energy throughout the US, they saw the opportunity to bring this service to market in a truly unique way.

Managing partner Paul Shagawat describes PEA’s energy reverse auction process as cutting through the hype associated with most approaches to energy supply. “As energy deregulation has taken hold, businesses have been duped into switching to alternate suppliers by salesmen who offer them a lower price, but not a true lowest long term cost for energy. Almost all corporate clients who signed energy contracts more than one or two years ago have fallen victim to this.”

Premiere’s reverse auction process is unique even among other reverse auction brokers for the breadth of suppliers involved as well as the negotiating tactics of the partners.

“People think this whole conversation is about Cost/KWH but it isn’t.” says Dustin Scarpa, at PEA. “The real costs of energy contracts are buried in the terms and contingency fees charged by the energy supplier. Since we have no allegiance to any one provider, we negotiate 100% on behalf of our clients”

At Premiere, we’re in this for the long haul, your energy partner for life.

Call us to see just how effective and easy creating a strategic energy plan can be.

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