Premiere Energy Auction’s Client Services

Premiere is first and foremost an energy cost reduction facilitator.  Our focus is in helping businesses of all sizes save money on their electricity or natural gas expenses.  Our clients range from a busy retail store or restaurant, to a large multinational corporation or government agency.

The consulting services we provide allow our clients to achieve levels of energy cost reduction not otherwise obtainable, and provide for them the ability to project those costs and savings many years into the future with solid contracts negotiated by us entirely on their behalf.

Energy Consulting

Premiere consultants are genuine energyiStock_000003393808XSmall
industry professionals who understand exactly how to structure your usage profile so as to make it maximally effective in getting you the lowest possible bid for your energy. Whether you are looking for the lowest price for electricity or natural gas, we provide you a full road map of deregulation, suppliers, and how to reduce your energy costs and keep them predictably low for years to come.

Premiere is not a Multi-Level-Marketing organization. We are true energy consultants that understand this industry and do this work ourselves.

Energy Auctions

Premiere’s reverse open auctions create a market for your energy use in a way that is truly unique in the energy industry.  Our process is supported by the knowledge and experience of our partners and technology that allows the most efficient process that consistently outperforms market alternatives in the energy brokering industry.

We run these auctions for client companies at no cost to them, and they are under no obligation to go to contract with any supplier as a result.  It is a risk free way for businesses of all kinds to explore cost reduction opportunities in the deregulated energy marketplace.

Green Energy Auctions

A distinct variation to our normal auction process is that we can require our participants derive a percentage of their energy from green sources.  Companies that are looking to be LEED accredited must obtain the certificate that comes from proving that they are using at least 10 -25% of their energy from renewable sources.


At Premiere, we do energy right.
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