Premiere Energy Auctions Partners with Mountain Creek Resort Group

VERNON NJ 2-23-13: Premiere Energy Auctions, New Jersey’s leading provider of competitive electrical and natural gas pricing services, announces a partnership with Mountain Creek Resort to provide over 1 million KW of energy over a 2 year period though a 3rd party energy supplier.  The supplier was part of Premiere’s “Open Reverse Energy Auction” process and was one of over a dozen energy suppliers bidding on the energy usage portfolio of Mountain Creek Resort.

Premiere Energy Auctions Announces Partnership with Branca Properties

FAIRFIELD NJ 3-12-13:  Branca Properties of NJ, using Premiere Energy Auctions’ proprietary “reverse open auction” process has signed a multi-year contract to receive lower cost energy from an alternate energy supplier.  Branca Properties worked with Premiere Energy Consultants to successfully structure and execute an auction for over 800,000 KW of projected energy use in their 27 apartment complexes throughout the NY and NJ area.  Chris Branca, president of Branca Properties brought Premiere in after talking to a number of energy suppliers directly.  “Despite using an intermediary, Branca still got better pricing and contract terms than were being offered by negotiating directly with a number of the suppliers. I was impressed with the knowledgeable and no-nonsense way Dustin and the team at Premiere Energy went about this, and I’m happy with the results”.

Branca Properties has over 27 locations in the tri-state area and was initially concerned that a broker driven approach could not get him the best pricing.  Premiere’s “reverse open auction” process is unique in that it delivers both pricing and contract terms that make for the most optimized strategic energy plan.  Paul Shagawat, co-founder of Premiere Energy Auctions explains that the hard part of what they do is getting people to understand how powerful the process is. “Surprisingly people are sometimes reluctant to try our process because they think they will get better pricing by talking to suppliers directly and “cutting out the middleman”.  Yet this is seldom the case and they lose the benefit of the contract negotiation expertise we bring to the table.”

Premiere’s auction process is absolutely free to try and requires a minimal investment in time and resources from interested companies.  There is no obligation to use any results obtained in the auction process.

Maybe the better question is:  Why wouldn’t you try a Premiere Energy Auction?