Our Energy Partners

Premiere Energy Auctions maintains relationships with a vast array of suppliers and partners in the energy industry.  These include almost all the authorized suppliers of electricity and natural gas in all deregulated states, as well as key iStock_000017351259XSmallalternative energy partners who embrace wind, solar, clean coal, and other green technologies.

Part of our consulting has been to steer interested clients to not only the best energy pricing available but to steer them to the best alternative options that allow them to achieve green energy certifications.  Our solar partners are some of the most reputable and experienced in the state and we also maintain partnerships with suppliers who provide a percentage of their energy from green sources.  These relationships can be extremely useful to you in achieving your energy goals.

At Premiere Energy Auctions, we maintain the complete portfolio of energy consulting services.  Our job is simply to take you where you want to go, in the best way possible

At Premiere, we do energy right.
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