Premiere Energy Auctions Cuts Through The Hype
Associated With Switching Energy Suppliers

Energy Deregulation created the opportunity for corporations to save millions of dollars on energy Electric power linescosts, but it took companies like Premiere Energy to organize the marketplace and make it work competitively for both consumers and producers of energy.

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, or Operations Manager, or simply an owner of a growing business you’ve got to be concerned about your energy costs.  Are you really sure you’re getting the lowest available price for your energy? Are you sure that your energy contract is not subject to hidden fees and restrictions including pass through charges like RMR, capacity, and NITS?  Is your traditional RFP based suppler process really getting you access to the right providers, and motivating them to offer you the most aggressive pricing?  Have you locked in your energy costs for the right period based on your company’s strategic growth and usage profile?

As true energy consultants our unique business value revolves around our ability to consistently deliver the best energy contracts to businesses and corporations.  It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve already shopped for deregulated energy, or how many other providers you’ve tried.

Here’s why Premiere’s process consistently delivers.

    1. We provide expert analysis of your energy usage and partner with you to gain a strategic understanding of your growth profile, geographic profile, and priorities.
    2. Unlike traditional RFP processes which are time consuming, expensive to run, and supplier limited, we create and conduct a customized reverse open auction for your company completely without cost to you. We use our insider knowledge and experience to optimally structure your energy proposal, and then invite the most appropriate providers to bid on your business.
    3. We provide our recommendations as to what provider is really offering the best terms for you in respect of your strategic energy goals, and where there may be negotiating room. In this capacity we act 100% on behalf of our prospective clients.
    4. We remain your resource for energy strategy discussions for as long as you are under contract.
    5. There is no obligation to engage with us if you don’t like the results of the auction we have run for you.

At Premiere Energy Auctions, we do Energy Right.  Call us to understand why thousands of businesses have used our services to obtain the best energy future possible.

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