Smarter Contracts

Energy Contracts are where most companies think they’ve won the battle, but they end up losing the war…

Smarter Energy Auction ContractsThat’s because inevitably the battle is narrowly waged over $$ per KwH (Kilowatt-Hour) as a disproportionate factor in decision making. In large scale energy bidding, price per Kw/H is not the only major factor and may not even be the most important element of your energy strategy considerations.  Even seasoned executives and negotiators fall victim to this despite their skills and experience and the reason is simple:  Energy Suppliers don’t really want you to fully understand how they are making their money.

What Suppliers Don’t Want You To Know

Energy Supplier contracts are deliberately confusing and opaque. They hide the real cost contingencies behind terms like  “bandwidth considerations” , “RMR” and “NITS”. If you are an entity with a multi-location profile, your inclination to group your usage across facilities for leverage will almost certainly fail to optimize your profile to suppliers. Grouping considerations are complex and usage profiles must be studied carefully to insure that they will make sense to the supplier marketplace.

At Premiere, our founders come from years working for one of the largest energy suppliers.  We have negotiated thousands of energy contracts.  And the best part is that we negotiate 100% on behalf of our clients, sitting on your side of the table all the way.  Our unique reverse open auction process picks up where traditional RFP processes fail and consistently delivers better pricing and terms.  And that’s before we start negotiating for you.

To have smarter contracts, you need a smarter process.

At Premier, we do energy right.
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