Testimonials From Our Clients

“…In my position as General Manager of our Corporate Center 1,300,000 sq. ft. office campus in Danbury CT, Steve wanted to see if it was possible for us to reduce the gas and electric costs at this facility…it immediately became apparent to me that Paul (‘Shagawat of Premiere Energy’..ed) had extensive knowledge in the industry.

…Premiere consequently introduced the idea that Matrix could take advantage of a strategy called block and index pricing…After Premiere completed running their unique and proprietary reverse auction, we were able to find a supplier that satisfied all of our needs.  They negotiated the new supplier contract on our behalf together with our legal counsel and the supplier to insure that all its terms were achieved to our utmost advantage.

The end result was quite astonishing…we were able to lower our electricity pricing …, and what is most incredible is that we were able to get this rate fixed for the next 5 years.

This has already proven a reduction to us in the first 8 months of this year of over $300,000 in electric cost and $35,000 in gas. Over the next 4+ years we will achieve savings of approximately $2.5 million dollars which stands for a savings of 30.65% in cost from what we were paying in 2012.  None of this would have been possible for us to accomplish without having the good fortune of being introduced to Premiere and being the beneficiary of their professional and most knowledgeable services in this industry.”

Needless to say Premiere now is our exclusive energy supply consultant for our entire portfolio.

Leroy D. Diggs
General Manager, Matrix Investment Group


“While already utilizing the services of 2 energy companies to facilitate a reduction of the Grande’s energy expense, I was introduced to Premiere Energy’s auction process.  Although the last to become involved, Premiere’s platform still resulted in the lowest rate offered by any supplier in the state. The ability to compel suppliers to compete against each other clearly benefited our bottom line…”

Jason Stovall, Property Manager
The GRANDE at Riverdale


“Paul Shagawat of Premiere Energy Auctions was able to greatly reduce my utility bills through his unique “reverse open auction approach to energy procurement. Prior to working with Paul I was receiving my energy from Glacial Energy and was receiving a small monthly savings.  After bringing Paul on as our energy consultant, he was able to bring an additional price savings of over 11%…”

Spero Matthews – Owner
Matthews Colonial Diner


“Premiere Energy Auctions contacted me in regard to a new way to reduce energy costs… After talking with a consultant I was pleased to learn that the process would require very little of my time and the entire process would come at no cost to my organization.  After completing the auction process, I was presented with a contract well below my current rate projecting a savings of 25%.  After receiving my first energy bill with the new lower rate, a consultant came down to review the savings.  I was very enthusiastic to see that the projected savings of 25% had been met and the guaranteed rate was clear to see on the new bill.

I would recommend Premiere Energy Auctions to any business, especially non-profit organizations, because of their unique offering.  The structure they use places no cost on the customer, and so their services are a risk-free way of exploring cost-cutting opportunities.”

Thomas G. Mladenetz, Executive Director
Mercer County CYO